Azamdeal Malegaon famous Mansoori Joshanda/Kadha (Pack of 4)


  • Brand: NVR
  • REF: NO.MTC/547/2020, DT: 25/06/2020
  • Original Malegaon Kadha, Pure and natural Herbs
  • These Herbs can be identified online or in ‘Kitab-ul Murakkabaat’
  • No Side effects, Call on inquiry number given of Kadha Pack for any guidance
  • Free delivery
  • Cheaper than Amazon on HimaliJadiButiyan
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Azamdeal Malegaon famous Mansoori Joshanda/Kadha

Azamdeal Malegaon famous Mansoori Joshanda/Kadha is a combination of pure natural herbs. This product is certified from medical college name Mohammadiya Tibbia College And Assayer Aospital This is the most famous kadha to boost your immunity. All the ingredients are in natural form thus you can easily identify the ingredients.

Ingredients of Azamdeal Mansoori Joshanda / Kadha

  1. Mulethi (Glycyrrhiza glabra)                      3gm
  2. Unnab (Zizyphus vulgaris)                          3gm
  3. Khaksi (Sisymbrium Irio Linn)                  3gm
  4. gauzaban (Borago Officinialis)                   3gm
  5. Khatmi (Althaea Officinalis)                       3gm
  6. Khubazi (Malva Sylvestris)                          3gm
  7. Sapistan (Cordia Latifolia)                           3gm
  8. Barge Adusa (Adhatoda Vasica)                  3gm
  9. UstuKhuddus (Lavandula stoechas)          3gm



  • Increases the immunity
  • Useful in cough & cold
  • Keeps you safe from changing environment / cold weather
  • Ustukhuddus gives a boost to your brain
  • Unnab reduces tension & anxiety



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Weight 108 g
Dimensions 15.4 × 10.3 × 8.1 cm


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